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  1. Learn Guitar Now: How to Read Tabs | Guitar tutorial, Guitar tabs, Basic guitar lessons
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Read this page to learn more about this one-of-a-kind training on how to practice guitar correctly. Rapid Fire Guitar Practice Training. Master Guitar Scales And Sequences. Guitar Practice Articles. Guitar Practice Videos. Guitar Practice Interviews. Do you want to know how to create awesome sounding scale sequences to use in songs and guitar solos and never feel "lost" again when you play music on guitar? If you answered "Yes" to either of these questions, then you need to learn how to practice scales in your guitar playing more effectively.

Learn Guitar Now: How to Read Tabs | Guitar tutorial, Guitar tabs, Basic guitar lessons

Contrary to popular belief, you do NOT need to memorize dozens of scale fingerings for months on end before you can learn to be creative with them in your guitar playing. Intermediate - advanced guitarists will find tons of lessons on movable chord shapes, scales, modes, connecting patterns, arpeggios, licks, challenging songs and more!

Avoid the confusion that comes with multi-instructor guitar learning sites and disjointed guitar lessons. This is optional and free! JC loves the guitar. He has been teaching the guitar for 20 years in almost every setting imaginable! A quick tour of Guitar Now Online will immediately show you that JC lives and breathes guitar curriculum and instruction.

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LEARN GUITAR: The Courses - Books and Video

Sitting Position L4. Left Hand Position L6. Basics of Beat And Rhythm L7. Wrap Up S2. Playing Single Notes L1. Intro To Stage 2 L2. Chromatic Scale Warm-Up L4. Tab Exercises L5. Tab Ex. String Crossing 1 L6. Wrap Up S3. Intro To Chords L2. A minor Chord L6. E minor Chord L7.

Switching From C-G L9. Switching From A minor to E minor L Wrap Up Track 2 S2. G Major L3. G Major "G2" L4. C Major L5.

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Cadd9 L6. D Major L7. Dsus4 L8. A Major L9. Asus2 L E Major L Bsus4 L F Major L Major Chord Progressions L1.

Learn Guitar Now: the ultimate series of guitar lessons for the iPad

Intro To Stage 3 L2. Asus2-C-G L6. Wrap Up S4. Open Minor Chord Lessons L1. Intro To Stage 4 L2. A minor L3. E Minor L4. D Minor L5. Minor Progression 1 L6. Wrap Up S6.

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Essential Chord Progression Lessons. Intro To Stage 6 L2. Mixed Family Prog. Wrap Up S7. Intro to Stage 7 L2. Muting Techniques L3. Funky-Bluesy Strumming Patt. Intro to Stage 1 L2. The Major Scale L3. Scale Degrees L4. Scale Degrees, Chords-Composing L5. Chord Construction L7.

Recently Added Courses and Lessons

Wrap Up S1a. GMaj7 L3. CMaj7 L4. DMaj7 L5. AMaj7 L6. EMaj7 L7.

Beginner/Intermediate Slow Blues Solo using the 4th Position Minor Pentatonic

FMaj7 L8. Maj 7 Chord Progs L9.

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  4. Maj 7 Chord Progs L A minor 7 A-7 L3. D minor 7 D-7 L4.