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The saint who inspires us is St Bernadette.

She was a weak, poorly year-old peasant girl when Our Lady appeared to her. Bernadette became a nun and a nurse, and spent her life praying and caring for the sick until her death aged The spot where she saw Our Lady is now, of course, the shrine at Lourdes — where 70 miracle healings have been recognised by the Catholic Church. Today, we take around 1, disabled children to Lourdes, every Easter, on life-changing pilgrimage holidays. Bernadette continues to inspire not only us, but around five million Catholics who visit Lourdes each year.

But she became sick, too ill to travel.

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So she accepted that God had a different plan and became a nun. We were founded by a member of the Benedictine Order, and everything we do is based on the Benedictine ethos of hospitality, community, and love for Christ and each other. As such, we offer a non-judgemental welcome, and a stable, safe environment for all people in need to seek help and support. Unable to become a missionary due to her ill health, she spent nine years as a Carmelite nun, and was encouraged to write down her thoughts.

The application requires a no more than word statement answering the prompt outlined below. If selected to receive one of the scholarships, we will expect you to become an ambassador for the Scholarship and to participate in various campus events as well as attend at least one Alumni Board of Directors meeting each year.

These awards will be applied against any financial need that you may demonstrate through filing of the Free Application of Federal Student Aid. Please note that should you later prove eligible for any Pell and or California Grant aid, the maximum amount of gift aid that you will be awarded will not exceed the cost of tuition. Recipients of the Alumni Legacy Scholarship must be either the children or grandchildren of Saint Mary's undergradute alumni, or the nieces or nephews of Saint Mary's graduates who are Catholic clergy.

The deadline for submission will be Tuesday, January 15, by p. Alumni Legacy Scholarship Application.

Mother Teresa's legacy under cloud as sainthood nears

Close Back. Academic Centers Counseling M. Pages containing lives of the saints were used to polish boots or wrap fish. Over the centuries, something extraordinary happened. He moved into homes and became a hero of the hearth. In America, of course, he transformed into the champion bringer of gifts. Yes, Santa Claus whose name comes from Sinterklass, the Dutch name for Saint Nicholas is sometimes overexposed and exploited. At his best, though, he stands for the virtues that Saint Nicholas championed: generosity, selflessness, largeness of spirit.

Legacy for the Saint

There is one essential truth in the stories of Nicholas and Santa Claus: the goodness of the gift offered with no expectation of anything in return. That spirit lives in any parent who with secret joy watches a wonder-struck child on Christmas morning. The legacy of Saint Nicholas has rippled across seventeen centuries, bringing messages of faith and joy.

His is a story worth knowing, especially this time of year.