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Without this, Greater Shadow Conjuration is a good bet, as you can summon shadow creatures that can cast spells with it. You'll have to do your homework to figure out what creatures cast what spells, but you'll soon be able to work out your favorites. Picking up Summon Monster may also be useful for extra spell casting possibilities, if you find room in your known list.


Now my particular sorcerer also used a lot of Transmutation spells, but that was just personal choice. You'll want to fill out the rest of your list with spells that fill in where you lack.

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Don't forget to pick up Persistent Spell so you can make those saves even harder. All that aside, wizards and arcanists really would shine in this AP, and having the ability to have high intelligence and some decent knowledge skills can get you far. If you're Varisian, the Arcane bloodline with the Tattooed Sorcerer archetype, and the Harrowed bloodline stand out as being particularly appropriate.

Also, you'll be near Kaer Maga, so Bloatmage is an eventual option if you're into that sort of thing. Ask your DM if you can Be a Sage sorcerer. Ask if you can keep the familiar and drop the Cruddy 1st level power of Arcane Bolt. Its a reasonable request. I believe you will want the Int for Knowledge checks as well as many of the "wizard" items can be easily adapted to a Int Sorcerer. There is going to be a few Constructs during the AP and a hand full of Undead smatterings in every book.

The main saves you will want to focus on are Will and Reflex.

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So it is best to use spells that have a effect even on a save like Ray of Enfeeblement. If that kind of Spell is even your thing. Pits will serve you well for most the AP as there is only a handful of things that fly during the first 4 books. When I played Glitterdust was a workhorse in the early game.

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I played a Gluttony wizard till he died to GM aggravation. Then rolled a Time Slumber witch who dominated most the game. A Domination style character will have lots of Humanoids to target and control so those spells can shine. Turning his Critters into my Critters.

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  4. Going ahead and spoilering, the Runelords were high level wizards. That should give you a hint of what's ahead. Fruian Thistlefoot Oct 29, , am Quote: Going ahead and spoilering, the Runelords were high level wizards. That should give you a hint of what's ahead I did quiet enjoy those items. I also enjoyed upgrading those Items with my craft feats. But a few of those Wizard items are "Evil" items Also you will get up to level 17 before the final boss. Not sure how familiar you are with RotRL But I can see either Ectoplasm or Psychic as being interesting fits. Search this Thread:. Also, use your Favored Class Bonus to expend your spells known list for more versatility.

    Don't want to spoil, but wizards get some wizard-only stuff.

    The Rise Of Chapter 2

    I'd go human arcane for the extra spells to broaden your utility. You have a bard. So there is not a lack of knowledge skills for the group. Protean and Starsoul are solid choices.

    Bloodline (Book 1~ The Hunted)

    Shadow is nice if you are going human. It is a fun AP, enjoy! If you're Chelaxian, the Infernal bloodline is the obvious choice. If you're Shoanti, the Dreamspun and Destined seem most appropriate. If that kind of Spell is even your thing Pits will serve you well for most the AP as there is only a handful of things that fly during the first 4 books. Recent threads in Advice.

    Me unhappy - Need Ninja build with Rogue. Last post: 13 minutes ago by Cavall. How would you build this Gestalt anti-party? Last post: 1 hour, 50 minutes ago by Ryze Kuja. Gods for evil bards Last post: 2 hours, 57 minutes ago by PossibleCabbage. Is there any counter to scent, blindsight, or tremor sense?

    Last post: 3 hours, 18 minutes ago by Wheldrake. Wait a sec since my bloodline is created from both family bloodline how about I cultivate both family phoenix art He got up and head out his home looking up he could see it is just past noon and time for lunch. He walked towards the main hall. Since his father is the leader of the clan he has access to clan library which stored cultivation technique and martial art skills so he could ask for permission to browse.

    Normally as a young master, he could go as he pleases but since he can't cultivation previously he didn't care and didn't get past.

    Bloodline - Rise of the Fallen | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

    Clan library is clans treasure which keep secret art and is the foundation of the clan so it is guarded strictly all hours so to enter one must process pass even for a clan leader a. That was clan rule which even his father could not break. His mother was a natural beauty looked like girl nearing 20 but actual above One can't guess age by looking someone in this world. He noted this in his mind as some day one sees a year-old cute girl and think of petting her but she could be powerful figure hated physical contact which will lead to death.

    His mother has beautiful blue eyes like a pearl and her long braided black hair. Tall with an athletic figure with graceful movement like one seen in movies. His mother is a kind mother and a good wife but when angry even his can't manage her and he escape from since she would take her anger on him.

    He is a boy so he will want some freedom and he will have some secrets" his father said while sitting for lunch.

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    His father has well build body with strong muscles. He has black eyes with a shade of crimson color in them with a well-breaded face. This young man was Derek his brother 2 years older than him with eyes just like his father. He has medium height and lean build. He looked just like father if he pumps up his body with muscles. It was a large buffet and Lloyd eats 3 times than normal.

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