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When I left that day job, I maintained my job as executive producer of all of the Housewives and Watch What Happens Live , but everything else went away.

That was a great relief. How is that going to change the show? Actually, the schedule works great because I put him to bed around , and I go into work sometime between and Just leave the baby at home to fend for himself. Yeah, exactly. How do you handle those scenarios? The viewers can smell BS. I always want the guests to leave happy, and I want them to come back.

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The Rock came on recently for the first time, and I want that to be the beginning of a relationship where now the Rock does Watch What Happens Live when he comes out to do press. Who were you the most nervous about interviewing? No question, it was Oprah.

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It was a very big deal and I was really nervous. I wanted to give her a different interview then she had done. That was my challenge, and I remain really proud of that episode. What are the other episodes that you are the proudest of?

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I was always really proud when Joan Rivers came on. As a kid growing up, when she would sub for Carson, that was like Christmas for me. So then, all those years later for her to come on the show, it meant a lot. Who are the big guests that you really want to have on the show? There are so many people. Come on! What are you doing? You mentioned your favorite guests.

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Who were the awful ones? When Amber Rose was on, she wore sunglasses. She was not up for my tomfoolery. Yeah, our talent bookers brief them on the games. They used to be hung up on whether they were sitting in the chair next to me or the chair further. Ramona [Singer] used to be very demanding in early days. I think we had a come to Jesus after she and [her ex-husband] Mario split up. She and I had a little sit down in my office. Do you want her and Mario to get back together as badly as I do?

I just want whatever makes her happy. Are the Housewives excited when they come on the show?

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Are they afraid? How do most of them feel? A post shared by Watch What Happens Live! Work with my digital team to concept, film, and edit original content for YouTube. This was a way to provide superfans who follow WWHL on social a chance for an amazing fan experience. The link directed fans to a hidden hour website where they were allowed to enter their information to win. I designed the branding, coded the website, and assisted on-location to make sure the winners had a great experience.

Be on the lookout for the secret link this week Create custom edits of show clips on Instagram for bravoandy. Tapping water deep underground, trees keep transpiring even after months without rain. In fact, thanks to the energy from the unrelenting sun, they transpire even more in the dry season than in the wet season. Research at Tanguro has confirmed that this is vital to ending the dry season, because it provides the first moisture for the rains to resume, says Coe. As the climate changes, so does the vegetation.

Rising temperatures and a longer dry season, both caused by the loss of trees, create water stress that flips ecosystems from rainforest to savanna. A long dry season also makes the forests more susceptible to fires. And fires in turn accelerate the change in vegetation. Experimental blazes on the Tanguro Farm allow scientists to study how the Amazon forest responds and regrows after fires.

For many years this was just a prediction from climate models. We are demonstrating what Nobre predicted — that fire transforms rainforest into savanna through speeding the invasion of cerrado trees. The second census, currently under way, has found a decline in the number of species in just the past four years. Big rainforest trees in particular are being replaced by fast-growing pioneer species, many more widely known in savanna regions.

Experimental plots at Tanguro, in which patches of forest are subjected to burning, show how following the fires, savanna trees and grasses move in to replace the lost rainforest. The grasses in particular are more flammable, so the next fire burns more fiercely than the first. Nobody is holding their breath. Nobre argued in that there could come a point where savannization is unstoppable across large swaths of the Amazon. He said the tipping point could occur if 40 percent of the forest was lost. More recently he has warned that, with the background global rise in temperatures, that threshold could be much closer — at between 20 and 25 percent loss.

With Brazilian government scientists putting the current loss at Some leading Brazilian researchers interviewed for this article questioned whether there is a single tipping point that applies to the entire Amazon.

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It could be a more gradual process. The more pristine north and west could survive. But other regions in the south and east, including Mato Grosso, are well past 25 percent loss. And in Tanguro, accelerating savannization seems to be under way right now. This matters for the planet as a whole. One researcher told me she believes that the switch has already happened.

Her study is not yet completed, but it may produce some headline-grabbing findings next year. He has effectively given a green light for forest clearance.